Wisdom teeth are the four molars that come out through the gums in the early adulthood stage. These are located far back and may not all come out for everyone. While the teeth come out like any other, taking up the gap meant for them, there are instances when there isn’t enough space for the tooth to fit in. More often than not, the teeth come out crooked or impacted, causing a number of dental issues that eventually need treatment.

Instances that Warrant a Wisdom Teeth Extraction Near Heatherton

Wisdom tooth issues are extremely common, owing to the fact that they are the farthest making reaching them for cleaning a pain. Apart from this, lack of space causes the newly emerged tooth to add pressure on the existing teeth and lead to pain and discomfort.

You should consider a wisdom tooth extraction or visit your dentist at the earliest in the following cases:

Partially-Erupted Tooth

A tooth that is only partially emerged can cause a number of issues, from gum disease and infection to pain and tooth decay. Cleaning the tooth is also difficult in such a case, causing the tooth to decay further.

Impacted Tooth

The wisdom tooth, due to a shortage of space, can become impacted. This is when the tooth is trapped in the gum. In some cases, even when the tooth is out, it is angled awkwardly, pushing the existing teeth out of alignment. Further, trapped teeth can get infected, causing more painful issues.

Apart from partially-erupted or impacted teeth, tooth decay is another reason why wisdom tooth removal becomes a necessity. With the teeth positioned right at the back, cleaning them can also become a herculean task, making them vulnerable to infection and cavity.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Near Heatherton at Melrose Dental

At melrose Dental, we take care to understand your concern by making a diagnosis through tests, helping us identify the right procedure for treatment. In case of an impacted or decayed wisdom tooth that needs extraction, the area to be treated is numbed using a local anaesthetic before the tooth is removed.

In non-surgical tooth extraction procedures, the tooth to be extracted is loosened with the help of forceps and removed without the need to open the gum. A surgical wisdom tooth extraction, on the other hand, requires opening up the gum to remove the partially emerged or impacted tooth. The gum is disinfected and stitched back once the tooth is out. In certain cases, the tooth is also extracted in pieces.

If you have been experiencing pain in your gums or have a partially erupted wisdom tooth, you can visit our clinic for a routine dental check-up or get wisdom teeth extraction done near Heatherton.